1. What are your hours of business?

This isn't a full-time operation; we're normally working away from 6pm-9pm M-F

2. Do you have a store I could visit?

No. We operate out of a small rented space, but it really isn't set up to be a retail location.

3. Do you have a phone number I could call?

Not yet. We aren't publishing our phone number right now - we're too small, and every minute spent shooting the breeze with our friends and customers is a minute we aren't building, testing, or developing something we hope you'll find pretty darned interesting. If you have a problem that we can't sort out by email, we'll ask for YOUR number, and start the person-to-person conversation that way.

4. How fast will you ship my order?

Generally 1-4 weeks. We don't keep much stock, and most things are made to order.

5. Do you do custom work?

Absolutely! Send us an email, and we can figure out what you want and how to build it. We have built various adaptor harnesses, a key-eliminator for an FZR600 that saw the key switch replaced by a relay tripped by the kill switch, and various other designs.

6. Do you do R&D projects?

Certainly. Contact us with what you have in mind, but do remember that this can be a lengthy process.