Many people are retrofitting motorcycle throttle body assemblies to their project cars. These "Individual Throttle Body" arrangements can give better response and power than a single large TB on top of a convoluted manifold, but reading the manifold pressure becomes tricky when you have 4 or more TBs and only one sensor! The current MS2/Extra and MS3 firmwares have good MAP averaging routines that can get you pretty close, but wouldn't it be better to actually read what the manifold pressure actually is?

The new QuadraMAP sensor module features four Freescale Absolute Pressure Sensors, with a filter circuit that returns the lowest value of the four sensors. This is the MAP for the cylinder actually being filled, with no averaging or influence from the other cylinders. The design uses surface mount parts and will ship fully assembled. In addition to the MAP sampling circuit, it also includes a phase discrimination output which sends a 'cam' signal whenever a particular cylinder drops below 80kPa. All components are rated to 125C or better, so it can live quite happily under the hood - no long hoses through the firewall! Tubing is not included; the sensors have 1/8" barbless ports.

Available sensor ranges are 0-115kPa, 0-250kPa, 0-300kPa, and 0-400kPa for those people who are well and truly determined to get all they can out of their turbo engine. All 4 sensors on a particular module should be of the same range; there is no price difference between sensor ranges. The module has an on-board power supply, so powering it means simply connecting the unit to switched +12v. The MAP sensor output is the standard 0-5v, while the 'cam' signal is a logic 0/+12v, with no pull-up resistor needed in the ECU. No level shifting circuitry is necessary, but normal filtering and isolation circuits should be used to prevent an accidental wiring error damaging the ECU.

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