This latest product from TTR Ignition Systems is the first that actually involves ignition! Featuring the nigh-indestructable Bosch BIP373 coil-driver transistors, this small module wires directly into your harness. The small enclosure (50mm x 50mm x 20mm) is splash-resistant and dust proof. The circuit board and internal components are protected from any moisture that gets in by a conformal coating.

Each channel includes one BIP373 coil driver and a base resistor (220 Ohms for MicroSquirt, 330 Ohms for MegaSquirt). Refer to the manual for the Ignition controller of your choice for wiring details. The five wires from the enclosure are:

     Trigger 1 - Red

     Coil 1       - White

     Trigger 2 - Red / Black

     Coil 2       - White / Black

     Ground    - Black

The Dual Channel Coil Driver sells for $50. Please select the desired base resistor.