This latest product from TTR Ignition Systems is the first that actually involves ignition! Featuring the nigh-indestructable Bosch BIP373 coil-driver transistors, this small module wires directly into your harness. The small enclosure (50mm x 50mm x 20mm) is splash-resistant and dust proof. The circuit board and internal components are protected from any moisture that gets in by a conformal coating. Each channel includes one BIP373 coil driver and a 330 Ohm base resistor .

Refer to the manual for the Ignition controller of your choice for wiring details. The five wires from the enclosure are:

     Trigger 1 - Red

     Coil 1       - Red / Black

     Trigger 2 - White

     Coil 2       - White / Black

     Ground    - Black

The Dual Channel Coil Driver sells for $50.