The MicroSquirt and MegaSquirt families of EFI controllers are proven designs. Of course, you can always find room for improvement - that's the entire theme behind using aftermarket controllers!


Dual-channel Ignition Drivers

- The latest redesign of the MicroSquirt removed the on-board ignition drivers. Many cars and bikes still use 'dumb' coils, and need something to make the sparks fly.


Tip-over Switch
- Every modern car and bike factory-equipped with EFI has an emergency system to cut the flow of fuel in the event of a crash. When adding fuel injection to your older carbureted ride, don't forget this important bit of safety equipment.


QuadraMAP Sensor Module

 - Reading the manifold pressure when using ITBs can be tricky. This unit not only returns the lowest pressure reading, it also tells you when your 'index' cylinder is in its intake stroke.

Speedo Corrector

- Change your wheels, change your tires, change your diff ratio - and you have no idea how fast you're going. This small, easy-to-use module wires in between your speed sensor and the electronic speedometer and adjusts the speedo reading.