One of the differences between carbureted and FI bikes is that a carb-equipped bike on its side will usually starve of fuel before the bearings starve of oil; a well-topped FI bike may very well keep running until the engine seizes. Just about every EFI bike comes with a tip-over / 'lean angle' sensor that tells the ECU that "gravity has won this match, please switch off". Early models used simple mechanical switches, with the disadvantage that a little tail shimmy in a spirited corner could chop your engine, leading to Bad Things.

Current design practice involves a brief delay; if the ECU sees that the sensor has been tripped for some predetermined time, it shuts down.

The MS and uS controllers don't have this ability to pause and think about it. A spare input could monitor the sensor value from a Yamaha or Honda lean-angle sensor and trigger an output to block the FP relay signal, but it would be an 'ON/OFF' situation, like the original switches.

We are now offering a stand-alone tip over sensor that is meant to be wired inline between the FP relay and pin 37 on the MS (pin 8 on the uS), and includes an internal timer that - after a 2.5-3 second delay - interrupts the FP signal for 10 seconds. This still allows a pretty good jump sideways, but will switch off the engine quickly in the event of a crash.

There are 3 wires. Connect the Red wire to +12v, connect the White wire to the Fuel Pump Relay coil, and connect the Black wire to the MS / uS FPR pin.

(photo coming)

Installation Instructions

The Tip-Over Switch sells for $50.